full service landscape maintenance

With Full Service Landscape Maintenance, Your Property Always Looks its Best

Proactive full service landscape maintenance means all the benefits of a pristine landscape without any hassle


Your landscaping is a living investment. It should make your property stand out regardless of the season or the weather. But changing conditions and even normal plant growth can quickly make even the most beautiful landscape look unkempt if it is not proactively maintained. You need full service landscape maintenance from an expert team that is as committed to the beauty of your landscaping as you are. 


Full service maintenance means a proactive, comprehensive approach to keeping your landscape looking its best year-round, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits.


At Mahoney Associates, we take a proactive approach to every aspect of your landscaping and are dedicated to creating and maintaining the most beautiful outdoor spaces on the East End. We bring a level of care and commitment to every property that enables us to keep your landscape healthy and thriving through all the seasons.


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Expert lawn care

When you entrust experts with your property you can rely on having pristine lawns without worry. You should expect to encounter green, lush grass whenever you step outside. 


Healthy grass means strong root systems, disease resistance, and natural weed control. Working with proactive, educated landscapers means that your lawn will receive the environmentally sensible nutritional program it requires for the healthiest soil, roots, and blades.


With full service landscape maintenance, your lawn will benefit from integrative pest control and cutting-edge mowing performed with the best equipment to cut to the proper length for robust growth. 


An integrative approach

Full service landscape maintenance means periodic inspection and holistic plant care to promote the success of your landscape. You should be able to entrust your landscaping firm with taking the best care of your property while you enjoy the benefits and the beauty.


Integrative pest management begins with a holistic approach to maintaining plant health, including pruning and soil amendments. At Mahoney, our responsibility is to promote health, mitigate failure and improve the overall quality and aesthetic of your property. 


We are knowledgeable about the beneficial organisms that exist naturally in the landscape and work to promote them by increasing diversity in your landscape. This encourages the natural parasites, pathogens and predators of pests to stop them before there is an infestation. 


If your landscaping does require treatment we use natural, organic, and synthetic products to efficiently manage pests and disease with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.


You shouldn’t have to be concerned about plant health. A proactive landscaping team ensures that your property is always taken care of, and issues are identified and taken care of before they can become widespread. 


Pruning and tree care

Here on the East End, caring for hedges is very important. Your full service landscape maintenance service should include trimming and perfecting the shapes of hedges so they show the best aesthetic appeal and offer immaculate privacy screening at any time. 


Likewise, pruning your trees at the appropriate time and in the best manner improves the overall health and beauty of the tree. Regularly shaping your trees controls or redirects growth, and enhances the look of your property.


Full service landscape maintenance from Mahoney


The changing seasons, weather, wind and salt, and even normal growth of trees and plants are conditions that need to be monitored and properly attended to.


When you work with proactive, highly skilled landscape professionals, beautiful things happen. 


Mahoney Associates has designed, installed and maintained many of the most remarkable landscapes in the Hamptons and on the South Fork of Long Island, since 1999.


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