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Wetland Restoration and Revegetation: Why it Matters in Your Landscaping

Wetland restoration and revegetation can have a big impact – we tell you why you should consider this practice for your property

Professional wetland restoration and revegetation is a process with wide impacts and benefits that range from increased wildlife habitat to flood control, and soil health to economic increases for the property owner and community. If your commercial or residential property contains areas of degraded land or former wetland, restoration and revegetation have big implications for the beauty, value, and future of your landscape.

Keep reading to learn more about this process and its far-reaching benefits.

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Wetland restoration and revegetation: breaking it down

Let’s take a look at the wetland restoration and revegetation process and some of its proven benefits. 

Wetland restoration returns degraded wetlands’ physical, chemical, or biological characteristics to their natural functions. 

Restoration practices include:

  • Re-establishment, or the rebuilding a former wetland
  • Rehabilitation, or repairing a degraded wetland

Revegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land. It often refers to the planting of native indigenous species, or the establishment of native plant cover.

Both wetland restoration and native revegetation have significant impacts on the health of the land and its ability to withstand major storms, flooding, and soil erosion. 

Additionally, the process of wetland restoration and revegetation restores habitats for important pollinator, bird and fish species, as well as for other native wildlife.

Wide-reaching benefits

According to the EPA, wetlands have an important role in the landscape. A healthy wetland will control erosion, limit flooding, moderate groundwater levels, assimilate nutrients, protect drinking water sources, and buffer coastal areas from storm surges.

Wetlands restoration can play a role in protecting your property, business and community by reducing the frequency and intensity of floods. Healthy wetlands serve as natural buffers and can soak up and store a significant amount of floodwater. Coastal wetlands in particular naturally function as storm surge protectors when hurricanes or tropical storms come ashore. 

Revegetation is a critical part of restoring soil in lands disturbed by human activity such as agriculture or urban sprawl, or lands disturbed by flooding or high winds. Revegetation is proven to help prevent soil erosion, reduce wind erosion, and boost soil’s natural ability to retain water.

Work with the best

If you have commercial or residential property that may benefit from wetland restoration and revegetation, or you are interested in landscaping with native species, get in touch with your landscape professionals to talk it over.

Proper environmental and landscape analysis are key to successful revegetation, and your expert landscaping firm can advise and partner with you to design the landscape of your dreams. But not all landscaping companies are equal to the task.

Mahoney Associates has deep roots in the East End and we are committed to honoring its rich history and preserving the natural beauty of our environment.  We participate in our community, working with town and village boards and advisory committees, to maintain and strengthen harmony between our industry and our community and to ensure best practices for our environment. We are the industry leader in professionalism, expertise, innovation, and service.  Our standard of excellence is evident in every aspect of our operation. 

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