Spring Landscape Cleanup: It’s Time to Prep Your Yard for Warmer Weather

Spring cleaning’s not just for inside your home. Learn why spring landscape cleanup is just as important!

Spring is a time of growth and renewal — a time to start fresh and many of us find ourselves gripped with the urge to clean. And while there are tons of benefits to giving your home a deep clean after the long dark winter, tidying up your yard is just as important. Spring landscape cleanup will not only improve your lawn’s appearance, but it helps to ensure a healthy growing season for the months to come.

Taking that spring cleaning energy to the outdoors is a great way to also get a breath of that warm, fresh, spring air, but there is a lot to get done and Mahoney Associates is here for it! Contact us today by calling 631.287.7666 or emailing and we’ll give you a hand getting that yard back into shape.

Why is spring cleanup so important for your landscape?

Regular maintenance of lawns and gardens is essential for healthy plants and lawns. During the long winter months, leaves, branches, and other debris brought down by winter storms and harsh weather accumulate in your yard. If they are not properly removed in the springtime, all that debris can prevent underlying vegetation from growing due to lack of sunlight and proper air circulation. Not only that, but a thorough spring landscape cleanup can help revitalize garden beds and provide elements that plants need to thrive.

Spring landscape cleanup checklist

In the springtime, there are several crucial lawn maintenance tasks to complete. Though they may appear simple, they are incredibly important to ensure your lawn and garden are in tiptop shape for the year to come.


Even if you raked your lawn in the autumn, not all plants and trees shed their leaves before the first snow, and winter storms can bring down more leaves, twigs, and branches. Thatch, a mixture of dead grass, stems, and other organic matter, can also accumulate on lawns. If not removed, thatch, dead leaves, and old branches can inhibit grass and plant growth. Thoroughly raking your yard in spring and removing old plant matter can improve your lawn’s appearance and help to guarantee healthy plants and lawns.


Old dead branches, misshapen bushes and trees, and winter storm damage to landscaping can leave your yard looking less than perfect. Proper pruning is important to keep your plants looking happy and healthy. However, pruning can be more difficult than it first appears. Knowing when and where to prune plants is a science and improperly pruned plants may fail to bloom or grow. Expert help with pruning can make all the difference with your home landscaping.


Even during winter, when warm spells occur, weeds grow. Because plants are smaller and soil is moist due to snowmelt, it’s often easiest to remove weeds, grass, and other nuisance plants from garden beds in spring. Also, getting ahead of the weeds will help to guarantee they don’t take over your garden beds when temperatures rise.

Edging garden beds

Creating clean edges around your garden beds in springtime will help limit the amount of weeding you will need to do throughout the season. By making a clear separation between your beds and lawn, you will limit the amount of grass and other unwanted plants that will spread into your garden beds. And of course, a nicely edged garden bed will look much cleaner and more attractive.


Spring is a great time to revitalize your soil by adding compost, fertilizer, and other nutrients to garden beds and lawns. However, choosing the right fertilizer for the task can make the difference between stunted plants and lush growth. A professional can help you select the right fertilizers for your property.

Assessing winter damage  

Winter storms, snowplows and road salt can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Spring is the perfect time to tackle any damage caused to bushes and plants by heavy snow, repair lawns from plow and salt damage, and whatever other issues may have cropped up during the winter months.

Call Mahoney Associates

Whether you’re strapped for time or simply want professional expertise, Mahoney Associates is here to help with your spring landscape cleanup. We will take the guesswork out of pruning, edging, and fertilizing your lawn and garden, removing old plant matter, correcting damage from harsh winter weather, and much more. Call or email us today to get started! 631.287.7666

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