Give Your Yard a Makeover With a Lawn Renovation!

A lawn renovation might just be the refreshing restart your lawn needs. 

Is your lawn looking patchy and worn? Does your yard feel impractical or unattractive? Are you wondering if a lawn renovation is the way to go or perhaps you should just destroy everything and build it over from scratch? 

If you haven’t made a final decision yet, read this article. It might just be the one that you’ve been looking for. 

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When is it time to renovate your lawn?

First of all, get clear on this: are you doing this for you or are you doing this to raise the value of your property in order to sell it? Believe it or not, it makes a difference. If you’re doing it for you, you can enjoy a lot more flexibility. If you’re doing it for others, the stakes are higher. 

Second of all, take a good look around. What doesn’t feel right? And here we’re talking about everything – from design to positioning to dry or empty patches. If the lawn doesn’t give you all the good vibes you’re looking for, it might just be the time for a lawn renovation. 

However, if the lawn looks REALLY rough, it could be a good idea to start completely fresh with a brand new lawn. 

But since you’re here, you’re probably leaning more towards a good ol’ renovation. So, let’s talk about that. 

Tips and tricks for lawn renovation 

We have to tell you: we have vast experience in the landscape industry. Over the years, we’ve perfected our methods through a lot of trial and error. So, we have a few things up our sleeve when it comes to lawn renovation. 

Start small 

We can’t emphasize this enough. As human beings, we seem to be wired to overcomplicate stuff all the time. 

Not today. Well, not if you want to have fun while renovating your lawn, anyway. It can get overwhelming if you try to do or think about all the steps at once. 

Instead, make a plan and stick with it. Do each small step well, then move on to the next one. You can always refine later, but don’t rush to the end.

Think it through 

To make sure your lawn will look healthy and luscious for a long time (and you won’t feel the need to renovate yet again), you should put time and effort into testing and getting the necessary knowledge to make your lawn renovation a success. 

That means: 

  • Test the soil to get a grasp of its current quality 
  • Get to know the best times to start your renovation (for Long Island, that’s around early September) 
  • Learn what seeds you need for your unique lawn
  • Assess what problems need immediate action before starting to plan the new look of your lawn. 

A lawn renovation might just be the refreshing start your lawn needed to find its beauty again. And if you’re willing to take care of it, you’ll reap the benefits tenfold when that summer morning comes and you step outside with a perfect cup of coffee and a dreamy scenery in front of you. 

Get this: you can have it all done for you without you even lifting a finger. That’s right, none of the effort, all of the benefits! Call us at (631)287-7666 or email us to talk. 

Photo by Rémi Müller on Unsplash

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