Tick Control: The Most Effective Safety Measures to Take 

End of summer/beginning of fall—one of the most beautiful times of the year to be outside, but also the most important time to think about tick control…

Now that we’re all navigating a particularly challenging time of our lives in this pandemic and spending more time outdoors, keeping our yards safe from dangerous insects is essential. We’ve talked about controlling tick populations before, but late summer/early fall is prime tick time in Long Island. So, here we are with another blog post with some tick control tips meant to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Measures for tick control—how to keep them out! 

Maintain your lawn to keep it healthy, beautiful, and safe

We get it—lawn maintenance can be a time-consuming, tedious activity if you don’t enjoy it. The thing is… lawns can get scary, as ticks and other insects and parasites can thrive in poorly maintained lawns, especially in the Long Island area. (Luckily, you can turn to us for help, because at Mahoney Associates, we love lawns!)

But there are some things you can do yourself to keep your lawn safe. They’re as simple as they are effective.

  • Don’t keep wood around your yard, especially in areas where humidity is high. Keep wood piled in dry areas, away from the places you hang out, and make sure you’re on the lookout for rodents. 
  • Remove trash of all kinds from the lawn.
  • Remove leaf litter. Come fall, a lot of things have to be done in your yard to prepare for winter, and removing the leaves is an essential one. 
  • Mow your lawn and remove all tall grass from the edges and corners of your yard. 
  • If you have trustworthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic products, spray pesticides for mosquito and tick control.

Don’t forget about yourself

Making sure ticks are under control takes time, so don’t forget to take care of yourself and anyone that hangs out in your yard, as well. 

The CDC has super useful guidelines about preventing tick bites. Here are a few: 

  • Don’t walk through tall grasses or bushes. If you’re walking on a trail, stay in the center, not on the margins, where you can encounter tick habitat. 
  • Be on the lookout in your own yard. If your lawn isn’t well maintained like we described above, keep an eye on yourself (both skin and clothes) and your pets, and always check for ticks, especially when entering the house again. 
  • Use a (safe, approved) insect repellent. 

However, if you do find a tick on your body, don’t worry. There are multiple ways to get it out safely, according to the CDC

The Mahoney approach

At Mahoney, we are passionate about keeping your lawn well-maintained and safe. Like we said before, ticks are no joke. This is why we’ve been on a mission to master tick control practices in order to ensure the best, high-quality lawn maintenance services we can possibly deliver. 

Not only do we want you to get the service you invest in, but we feel a strong social responsibility to keep you and the environment safe from dangerous chemicals. 

Stressing about tick control and/or maintenance? Not anymore. Using natural, safer products from knowledgeable and friendly professionals, we offer you a lawn that makes you smile when you see it. Call us today at (631)287-7666 or contact us by email.

Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay 

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