Create Your Dream Landscape: What To Plant In Summer Months

This is the perfect time to give yourself a gift. Mahoney’s guide to what to plant in summer months.


Ah, the feeling of stepping outside, and into what seems like a dreamland, ready to embrace you… It feels like coming out for fresh air while being welcomed by nature, beauty, and life. There’s nothing like it. Your landscape is so much more than a surface. It’s an opportunity to create your very own sanctuary where you can spend quality time being surrounded by plants and trees, designed to fit your exact desires and likes. You might be thinking: oh, I’d love to have that, but I can’t do anything during the summer, plants don’t do well right now. The good news? There are actually quite a lot of plants that you can plant today. Read on to discover what to plant in summer months. 

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What to plant in summer months: Our 5 favorites

Butterfly Bush


This beautiful, vibrant summer plant is the perfect answer to what to plant in summer months. It’s fairly low maintenance, and it can bring your landscape to life with – you guessed it! – butterflies (they’re way better than mosquitos, right?). 



One of this beautiful plant’s superpowers isn’t just that it blooms the entire summer, but it’s actually a flowering annual – so, you can enjoy it all year long. It thrives in a sunny place, especially if the soil is rich and well-maintained – ideally, by professionals like Mahoney, who know exactly what your plants need. 



The good ol’ sunflower never lets you down during summer. A beautiful, simple yellow flower that enjoys the sun’s light and heat so much that it follows it around all day long. 

These plants can get super tall, so be sure you anchor them in the soil properly. Oh, and, actually, after they open their buds, they face east – so make sure they have the space to move around in the sunlight without being hit by shadow. 

Water them 1-2 per week and they should be happy. 



Well, if this isn’t a cute little plant to plant in summer months, we don’t know what is (actually, we do know… you can check out our projects to discover some of the unique landscapes we’ve created). 

A low-maintenance plant as well, Verbena only needs watering about an inch/week and a bit of trimming to optimise its blooming process. 

Wave Petunia


Another flowering annual beautiful plant: Wave Petunia. 

This masterpiece loves the sun, and we love it.  It’s called a “wave” petunia because it grows in an unusual shape, cascading down after it reaches a certain height. It needs regular fertilizing once every 2 weeks and a well-drained, moist soil. 

A dreamland garden is within your reach!

There are so many beautiful plants to enrich your landscape throughout the year. 

Deciding what to plant in summer months may be a bit more tricky, but it’s definitely worth doing it. Never settle for less than the dreamland your house or your business deserves. 

We know, it takes time and commitment to create the landscape you want. That’s exactly why we’re here to do it all for you, customized to your needs, without you even lifting a finger. Contact us today to get started. Email or call (631)287-7666.

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