Wondering About the Best Mosquito Control for Yard or Garden?

Stop Summer Pests Before They Bite With the Best Mosquito Control for Yard or Garden

Summer comes with many tempting reasons to be outdoors. Whether lounging by the pool or fire pit or enjoying the deck with friends, the delicious summer evenings invite you outside. But summer evenings also bring out the mosquitoes. Those bitey pests know how to ruin a great time. Don’t let them get to the bite. It's important to know about the best mosquito control for yard and garden. 

At Mahoney Associates, we’ve mastered the use of natural parasites, pathogens and predators of pests. Many of these beneficial (to us) organisms exist naturally in the landscape and can be promoted by increasing diversity in your landscape. Want to hear more about our effective Integrated Pest Management? Call us today at (631)287-7666 or reach out by email.

The Best Mosquito Control for Yard: A Three-Pronged Attack

No one likes an itchy, irritating mosquito bite. But it’s important to remember that some kinds of mosquitoes can carry serious diseases, like West Nile virus, dengue, or malaria. The best way to avoid bug-borne illnesses is never to get bitten in the first place. Start by keeping mosquito populations at bay, and away from the outdoor places you most enjoy. 

Read more here about controlling mosquitoes in your yard via the three most effective methods:

  • Restoring soil health and fertility
  • Eliminating breeding grounds
  • Planting repellent plants
  • Applying treatment when necessary

There are many kinds of mosquitoes and every yard is different. Mosquito experts will start by monitoring an area in order to develop mosquito control plans and determine the best way to stop mosquitoes. 

If you want to address mosquito control in your yard, contact Mahoney Associates to learn about our Integrated Pest Management approach. Call us today at (631)287-7666 or reach out by email. 

Eliminating breeding grounds to stop mosquitoes

According to the CDC, while there are many different kinds of mosquitoes, they all like standing water, because mosquito larvae and pupae live in still water. Removing standing water and increasing drainage to avoid water accumulation is a natural way to control mosquitoes in your yard. This can include keeping gutters and birdbaths clean and making sure swimming pool covers are free of standing water.

Keep mosquitoes away with repellant plants in your yard

There are many beautiful plants that have natural mosquito-repelling qualities. Consider a landscape design that integrates some of these beautiful flowers and herbs:

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Catnip
  • Citronella Grass
  • Bee Balm
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Scented Geraniums

The best mosquito control for yard and garden may be beautiful. There are more plants with great reputations for repelling mosquitoes. Call Mahoney Associates to discuss your vision and work with us from design through installation and maintenance. Call (631)287-7666 or email. 

Treating your yard to stop mosquitoes and other pests 

Of course, certain pests and diseases will require treatment. Mahoney Associates use a broad array of natural, organic, and synthetic products. At Mahoney, we take an environmentally friendly approach – we manage pest damage and disease with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment with the most efficiency possible. Contact us to know more. Call (631)287-7666 or email.

Stop mosquitoes in your backyard and have an excellent summer!




Photo by Syed Ali on Unsplash

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